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January 31, 2013


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Many people are under the assumption many of the high profile artists in the digital art community are mainly good because of talent. This is not completely true(in my opinion). What does make them great is the simple fact of constant and regular practice. But if you still like to cling to the word, then talent is just in other words an ambition and motivation. This word,"talent" has been branded with something that you think is something that can only be inherited and if you dont have it you are doomed to fail. Many people has lost potential careers because of this.

well folks let me put that myth to rest because i think anyone with ambition and motivation can learn any tool and any skill.And if you are not learning it, it is because you are not working hard enough on it.its simple as that.The practice will open your eyes and you will develop to see things in different ways, once again this has nothing to do with talent.  Once your understanding of all the levels of art gets wider you will be able to do more because you have seen it, worked with it and practiced it.

a good example on how to test yourself is to simply to do master copies, and the majority of artist who do it are very successful. And many artists in production and in personal art use reference for their work. In a sense learning and replicating some aspects of a reference weather its design, lighting, palette or texture.And by doing this all that information is being stored in your visual memory and gets added to the experience bit by bit. Slowly that will build up and your visual vocabulary becomes that much bigger. You have become better not because you had a secret power you were born with but just because you took all that visual information in and learned it.

so don't be afraid to tackle things because of this word, instead , observe learn and be inspired.

And yes a good visual eye takes many many years to develop and impatience is something that frustrates many people who are developing their skills, and so they give up claiming that they dont have "talent". Once again the success comes from ambition motivation and just a fuck ton of practice. Your whole artistic life is ment to be constantly practicing.

but take one day at a time and with persistence you WILL see results.

i think a lot of high profile artists would agree with this, because we all went through these stages and we have reached new levels of artistic understanding.And we still strive for learning more.

so it's fun to see people react to this  so here is more text to read:)  yay

* this is not about disputing the existence of talent, its about the idea that practice is everything when it comes to any kind of development. Talent is simply our brain being more efficient because we are learning and we are enjoying it.

* yes true prodigies exist(savants or people who have developed a keen sense to learn) BUT how can we really know how they got there, Take Mozart, a prodigy, a genius , composed music since he was 5-6? but he also lived a life of touring and shows, and his father was his stern teacher.Imagine a life of music everyday in and out, you breath it you live it. Your brain will see patterns, learn melodies, remember keys, memorize harmonious combinations etc etc. Of course you will be very quick to outrun other people because they had not been exposed to the same factors of learning.

* we can tell that someone is doing something good with ease, but its hard to know for fact how they got there.The girl who plays piano beautifully is "talented", but what we dont know is that she played that piano and that piece a thousand times.My own sister who was great at drawing said she gave up because i had more "talent" but she didnt know i was up almost every night drawing.

And yes hard work does pay off, if you are keen to be fast , you haveto do it more and you haveto love doing it. Someone who hates it will never learn or develop, neither the one who does not take initiatives.
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zirothar Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2013
Each individual has a physiological plateau. Example: A professional tennis player who had been playing since he was 3 years old but never managed to win Wimbledon or become the world number 1 [link] . He was by average standards a successful player, but not likely to be remembered as a great player like Pete Samprass.

The same could be expressed with someone who has played guitar their whole life, and by normal standards is good. He can play by ear and regularly does session work and writes and plays their own music. But Slash will always be better than him.

Talent is something intangible. A quantum-level neurological difference that can't be replicated in another even with the same experience and knowledge. This is your personal physiological plateau of ability. Most people, barring physiological problems, will have the potential to be very good at most things, providing they put in the work to practice, thus improve. However, most people who put in the practice and hard work will not achieve greatness, win an Olympic medal, or become a professional concept artist. Also, your plateau of ability will begin to fall sometime in your twenties [link]. Meaning your ability to develop your skills will become harder over time and a decrease in ability is going to occur even though more knowledge may be attained. Yes, I am suggesting that sometimes it IS too late to learn.

This isn't to mention perpetual evolutionary flux, meaning that certain individuals have genetic differences/mutations advancing their natural physical and neaurological ability.

Or, maybe all those snooker players who can't beat Ronnie O'Sullivan just aren't putting the effort in!
weebasaurus Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2013  Professional Filmographer
I guess deep down many of us believe this and knows it, atleast for myself. However, as an enemy most artist share , I'm constantly struggling with myself for not doing good enough work. Whenever I see a great artist works and I look back at mine.

"They make it look easy, so simple and fast. The principles, so solid etc etc..... Why can't I ever get there ?!"

I know it's all hardwork and practice. I do. But It's pain to see what I produce even come close to what I want. Don't want to come off as a whiner, but I guess this is the process of learning and growth of an artist. Just have to accept it !

Thanks for the few sharings on your journal lately. Just have you know that you're one of the many artist I look up to =D best of luck !
nonwings Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2013  Professional General Artist
i have discussed this matter many times with my friends, Im glad to see someone who I respect so much agrees with me on this one.
Parmjeet-Johal Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2013
I've never liked the word talent, well said.
vinterdragen Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2013  Professional General Artist
Well, you said it. I've tackled around this theme a lot. Is common to hear from people "hey you are so talented", "God gave you such a gift" with that gesture of -you do it good by birth's grace and that makes it easy-.It feels like all your hardwork has been negated. It used to bother me... but now I don't care, I try to see if someone has any dream and tell them "HEY!, You can do it!".

I totally agree with you and I think that we can buildup any skill, unless you have any physiological limitation (which in many cases can be tackled out and find other way to develop it).

Great post! thanks by sharing your thoughts.
leventep Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2013  Professional Filmographer
at the same time it's quite odd to hear someone say "ooh you worked so hard" in stead of "ooh your so talented", it has become such a common phrase that the first one here even may come off as somewhat offensive, which it isn't.
vinterdragen Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2013  Professional General Artist
lol yeah xD

Look this article at Muddycolors, is by the industry veteran Greg Manchess, which speaks about talent too.

DennisDarmody Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
This is a bit of the re-motivation I think, as artists, we all need once in a while. We all get burned out, or hit a block of sorts, or sometimes "life" happens and we struggle to get back in the groove.

I have discussed fr years that I believe anyone can become an excellent artists for the exact reasons you mention here. A lot of it first involves getting beyond the notion that have to have the "talent" or "gift" for it. Then comes, unshackling mind of your perceptions of visual anatomy (ie. don't draw what your mind thinks a tree looks like, rather, draw the tree in front of you; don't draw what your mind remembers your girlfriend to look like, but actually draw her or draw from an upside-down photo... etc.)

Thank you for this and your emotive and inspiring art.
gr4y-inu Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2013
nice article, really enjoyed reading it!
on art side i would agree about 98%, though there are people with wider view of things, imagination is only limit right, so not everyone can be an artist, everyone can draw technically perfect, but an artist, there are still those few percent who just won't and can't. i totally agree that many people just give up before even really trying, blaming it all on some mystic talent.
on side of sciences (math, physics, biology etc), it - talent - ability to grasp wide array of knowledge and use it in short period of time manifests itself even more. i've seen people learning as hard as they can, but can never break a barrier and be at the top.
i don't believe that anyone can do anything and be really good at it, therefore talent matters, ability to do things in field you're working. let's make it simple - afro american people from Kenya are the best runners, because their bodies are built that way and you will very rarely see afro americans being among best swimmers, same goes for brain and its abilities.
Delta2094 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Strong post. Totally agree.
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